Why Choose US?

01. Resources

Our Chong Wai Human Resource Bank contains thousands of resume and CV, employees from various working background including Constructions, Business Services, Hospitalities, Catering industries, which are available for potential employers to pick.

02. Aim

We aim to become the most professional, powerful Human Resource Consultant in Macau SAR, delivering the best and the most efficient for client, in both employer and employee perspectives.

03. Experience

Our professional and experienced team assisted both employers and employees dealing with labor affairs. We have served more than 50 businesses, created thousands of job opportunities for applicants who seek for a job.

04. Reputation

From the professional and experienced provided by Chong Wai, we have earned an excellent reputation in the Human Resource Industry in Macau.  Chong Wai is also proudly to become the 4th AIZIM Labor Affairs Consultant.

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 Address. 305 Rua de Tribuna Jade Plaza 3 Andar F

Tel. 853 2842 0123

 Working Hour: Mon to Fri 9:30 - 13:30, 14:30 - 18:30      Sat  9:30 - 13:30

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